What do Iowa, Poland and the Barbershop Quartet have in common?

In the 1970s, a young man from Des Moines, Iowa is sent to Poland to promote the Barbershop Harmony Society and falls in-love with his Polish tour guide, Ewa.  Now, 42 years later, his story became the subject of a book entitled ‘My Life With Ewa: The Early Years’.

Library Tales Publishing announced the release of My Life With Ewa: The Early Years. The book, which was released by Library Tales Publishing in 2011, tells the story of Tim Pratt, a young member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. or SPEBSQSA). Tim travels to Poland to promote barbershop music as an art form, where he meets Ewa. What follows is anything but an ordinary love story; this delightful true story will have readers reliving their own pasts. Baby boomers will surely savor references to the pop culture, history, and politics of their collective youth as they get caught up in this funny, quirky, adorable love story.

My Life With Ewa: The Early Years is part adventure, part travelogue, part nostalgia, and part love story. Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained in this initial offering by a gifted storyteller. We suspect it will not be his last.

You can watch Tim’s interview, book reading and book trailer here: http://www.MyLifeWithEwa.com

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Best Books for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and many are searching for a good book to read or perhaps a special gift for our beloved dads. Here are some of our recommendations for Father’s Day:

The Fix:

 A story about fathers and sons

Only in America. Only in America can a young boy come to this country from a German displacement camp and find his life to be more unsettling than the one he left. Only in America can you lose everything while pursuing your dream. Only in America can Aryeh Pyatiegorskia grow to become Eddie Parker, a small-time bookie who uses his son, a high school basketball star, to fix games for the Mob. That’s the outer story. The inner story is about fathers and sons, what pulls them together and rips them apart.

“The language sings, the dialogue sizzles, and the author plays words, rhythm and cadence like a finely-tuned instrument.”

This is the story of a man coming to terms with himself, a compelling work of introspection and humor. Beneath the linguistic playfulness and witty banter, the author’s true compassion for his characters shines through. The result is an edgy, hard-driven tale seeking the answer to Eddie Parker’s perennial question: “Who am I, and how did I get here?”

Strides of Destiny:

A true test of love

How many times can love conquer impossible obstacles?

“Strides of Destiny” is a true love story that gives new meaning to the words love, fate and destiny. It passionately depicts love’s triumph and perseverance during the many hardships and uncertainties experienced by a young couple who are ultimately separated against their will, with no hope of ever reuniting again.

Alex and Loly’s adolescent romance begins during the 1950’s when life’s cadence on the exuberant and exotic Caribbean Island is mixed with flowers’ fragrances and the sea breeze. But their life together is interrupted when political instability in the country prompts a revolutionary movement that turns their paradise into a place of despair. The island of paradise suddenly suffers a social and political metamorphosis imposed by the new regime of Fidel Castro. Lack of freedom and human rights generates drastic decisions, and each day, people leave behind not only their property and assets, but also their families and loved ones. Uncertain if they will ever see each other again, many families cannot bear the tests and trials of the separation. Alex and Loly’s love and faith help them hope and persevere, even though their reunion seems distant and unattainable. But is this feeling strong enough to survive all the tests and tribulations that life presents them?

Worth Fighting For

A Patriotic Journey of Self-Discovery

This emotional true story is a first-person account of artist Steve Alpert’s journey of self-discovery to find purpose and meaning in his life and his art. After finishing college and not being drafted for service in Vietnam, Alpert moved on to a successful career as a television producer/director. Alpert’s seemingly orderly life is upended by a brief but moving visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington that generates more questions than answers for him. However, he buries the questions until they flood back one fateful day in 2003, when he sees a photo in the NY Times of a downed U.S. Military Blackhawk helicopter. Alpert begins to paint Blackhawk images with no understanding of why or what he will do with the paintings. In Worth Fighting For, Alpert takes the reader on his journey of passion and transformation.

In trying to find meaning in his life, Alpert has a flashback that takes him to his college dorm and Vietnam draft numbers. It generates a new drive within that spurs even more paintings. With chance encounters that take him and his art to Walter Reed Army Hospital to visit recovering soldiers, NASA, Washington D.C. with the possibility of presenting his painting to the President of the United States, and to Dover AFB, where a member of the Honor Guard literally steps out of a door and off the canvas to shake Alpert’s hand. Baby boomers, artists and those seeking meaning in life will surely connect with the challenges, revelations and Alpert’s ultimate epiphany. Along the way, be prepared to be thoroughly entertained and engaged by the author’s ability to rivet you in this moving story. The book is part adventure, part emotional roller coaster, and part journey of self-discovery. About duty, honor and courage, it is also a tribute to those who serve. This is the story of a man who finds meaning and purpose in his life through introspection and the resulting life experiences that his art leads him to. The result is a moving story about how following your heart and your passion can lead to happiness and service to others.

And finally, Catch a Falling Knife by Frank Foster

Fresh out of federal witness protection and enjoying the pleasures of Venice, Italy, former mobster Vinny Fabrizio is offered the criminal chance of a lifetime: $10 million to destroy a crucially located container ship port and a shot at his FBI nemesis, Jack Rivers. The catch? He’s being paid by anti-American Islamic insurgents, and the port is back home on American soil. As Vinny weighs his pangs of patriotism and the opportunity for a bloody revenge, Jack struggles to remain loyal to his own family and make a name for himself at his new job as director of security—at the very port Vinny is planning to blow up. The two men speed toward each other on a dangerous collision course that threatens to destroy much more than just each other. Behind his sinister smirk, Vinny hides an unexpected weakness: Linda, a gorgeous, strong-willed southern belle who must decide if she’s willing to risk it all for real love. The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking…

Visit http://www.LibraryTalesPublishing.com for more details

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Catch a Falling Knife Book Trailer

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Did you catch the latest Thought Exchange film?

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

My Life With Ewa                     by Tim Pratt.

Written for his wife and children by master storyteller, Tim Pratt, “My Life With Ewa: The Early Years” will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This true story of adventure, travel, and long-distance romance, recalls a time before cell phones, GPSs, and the internet. The reader will find herself laughing out loud while becoming involved in the lives of the author and his girlfriend, as they carry on a Trans-Atlantic courtship. With numerous references to the pop culture of the day, baby boomers will find themselves revisiting their own pasts, as the protagonists negotiate the bureaucracies of the Cold War in their quest for love. Throw in a summer backpacking in Europe, Pope John Paul II, President Jimmy Carter, a speeding ticket, barbershop quartets, and a dockworkers strike in France, and you have the elements of a delightfully-entertaining read. Give Mom a few hours of fun and nostalgia. Give her, “My Life With Ewa: The Early Years.” 

Get it on your Kindle today or order the Paperback online.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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New Thriller Novel Exposes America’s Soft Underbelly – Container Ship Ports

New York publisher Library Tales Publishing announces the release of Catch a Falling Knife by Frank Foster. The book will be launched on April 21st, 2012 in bookstores everywhere.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(LTP Press – April 16th, 2012) – Of the eight million containers with two billion tons of freight shipped to the United States each year, only three per cent are currently screened for nuclear or dirty bombs, WMD, or other types of explosives. Increasing the screening efforts would cripple the global supply chain, likely causing a worldwide economic depression. Frank Foster’s newest thriller, Catch a Falling Knife, exposes America’s soft underbelly – its container ship ports.

The book is now available on Amazon and retailers everywhere. The author is holding a book signing event on Saturday, April 21st at Books-A-Million in Lakeland, FL.

The thriller is a departure from Frank’s “Boca” series featuring Lynn Woo.

“It’s my third book, and I think all readers will agree, with this book—the stakes are high,” Frank says. “It may remind some people of Ken Follett’s famous Eye of the Needle, because our hero and the bad guy are identified early on, and they’re on a collision course.”

The format follows Foster’s usual short chapter, fast-paced action, and the tension builds throughout. One early reader said reading the book felt more like watching a movie.

 About Frank Foster:

Frank Foster is a former public company chairman and CEO turned novelist. His popular “Boca” series – Boca Moon and Boca News – was set in the Southwest Florida resort of Boca Grande where he had a second home for many years. Now, with Catch a Falling Knife, he has crafted a pure thriller that exposes one of America’s most vulnerable terror targets – our container ship ports. Frank, who fly fishes all over the world, lives with his wife in their homes in Lakeland, Florida and Highlands, North Carolina.

For more information, visit http://www.FrankFoster.com, or check out the author’s blog at AuthorFrankFoster.Wordpress.com

Paperback ISBN: 978-0615568232 | Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders and bookstores everywhere |

Orders are available on http://www.LibraryTalesPublishing.com

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A New Book ‘From Rats to Riches’ – by Businessman Usher Morgan will be distributed online for free

New York publisher Library Tales Publishing is pleased to announce the release of ‘From Rats to Riches’ by businessman Usher Morgan. Which will be available during its national online launch on December 26th, 2011. The eBook edition of the book will be available online for free.

 NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(LTP Press – September 30, 2011) – This book takes a no-crap, real-life approach to chasing and achieving your dreams. It is the only book of its kind that sheds light on the true road of achieving what seem to be “impossible” goals or ambitions. It is the story of a young entrepreneur, a self-made businessman who made a fortune and lost it all, had to fight for his life to rebuild his business and build an empire while struggling to make ends meet. This young businessman created his own multi-million dollar business with nothing more than $15 in his bank account.  This book is also about you—and what you can do today to achieve your life’s dream. It will guide you through your own path for success and take you through experiences that no other self-help book would. Businessman Usher Morgan details the motivation, success, hard work and no-bull attitude you’ll need to make your dream come true, regardless of what it is.

 The author announced that the eBook edition of the book, will be available online for no charge. The Kindle edition is also free for Prime Kindle users.

Note from the editor: “Get ready—you’re about to vicariously take the ride of your life through Usher Morgan’s unbelievable journey. It’s been an honor to serve as Usher’s chief editor, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Usher and I have read a number of the same self-help and financial books, but this one goes above and beyond the call of duty.  This book was published during a time it was needed most—a new generation was graduating in an uncertain economy and those who thought they were of retirement age were forced to continue to work. This isn’t outdated advice from a time when the economy was good and everything was easy; Usher lived through 2008’s economic crash and learned from it. His story is unbelievable but true, and his motivation will inspire you.  Every time I read through the book, I marveled at the amount of useful information included. It’s the kind of book you’ll refer back to many times throughout your life. Throughout the process, while working on the book, I was often tempted to push it aside and get started creating my own plans for the future. Now that the book is done, I think that’s just what I’ll do. I wish you the best of luck in your own journey.” – Jennifer Baum, editor.

 Book Information:

  • Title: From Rats to Riches
  • Authored by: Usher Morgan
  • Format: Paperback/ eBook, 360 pages.
  • ISBN:  978-0615515830
  • Paperback Price: $16.50
  • Publisher: Library Tales Publishing
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